Checkout Policy

At King library we want to make sure that all students and staff have access to the best possible books and other resources.
   In order to share these resources, we rely on everybody to return their materials as soon as they are done with them,
   and to keep only the items they are actively using.

    *Students may check out 4 items at a time. If you need more than 4 items, please let us know.

    *Check outs are for 3 weeks.  Students can return or renew the book any time before the 3 weeks are up. 

    *Students can reserve books, which means if a book is checked out we will hold it for you and we will notify you when the book is available for pick-up.
     *If a book is not available on the shelf, let us know, but also check with the Berkeley Public Library.
     *If we do not have a book that you want, please let us know and we will consider adding to our collection.