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8th Grade - Ms. Stewart's Revolution Paper


When is it okay to rebel?

Your assignment is to write a letter to a group of people expressing your support or rejection of their revolution or rebellion. Therefore, you must identify a rebellion or revolution that you would like to address. The following resources will help you find a current or past rebellion.

Additional questions to consider include:
  • Why do people rebel? 
  • What are the causes and motivation for the rebellion or revolution?
    • What morals or values did the participants of the rebellion hold in order to start this rebellion or revolution?
In your answer to the question above, you must also compare this rebellion with the American colonists' rebellion against Great Britain.

Getting Started

A good place to start with any research question is the World Book Online. The following are articles that give you background on your topic

  • World Book Online article on "Revolution", its history and causes

In order to search for information, you need to search with the appropriate keywords and subjects.

Here are a list of potential rebellions/revolutions that you may find interesting to research (all linked to articles from the electronic encyclopedias World Book Online or Scholastic GO):

Where to Search

Do a subject search or keyword search of words related to your topic.