Berkeley Mock Newbery Nominations

A bookmark (well, actually, three of them) with the list of titles and authors can be downloaded here: Mock Newbery bookmark (2017-18)

 Here is a brief introductory slideshow about the 10 Berkeley Mock Newbery nominees for 2018 (remember to press "Present" for best viewing experience).

TeachingBooks Berkeley Mock Newbery 2018 resources - author name pronunciations, trailers, videos, interviews - are available here: specific recommendations are:
  • Clayton Byrd - meet the author + book preview

  • Patina - author’s name

  • Epic Fail - audiobook excerpt

  • Harlem Charade - audiobook excerpt

  • War I Finally Won - audiobook excerpt

  • Wishtree - author’s name, book trailer, audiobook excerpt

...and you can enjoy Harlem Charade on Tales2Go! (Remember to bookmark where you are listening!)

2016-17 Mock Newbery
These were the nominees from our 2017 Mock Newbery program. If you didn't get a chance to read them yet, they are still great books!
Booked, by Kwame Alexander

Full of Beans, by Jennifer Holm

What Elephants Know, by Eric Dinerstein

When the Sea Turned to Silver, by Grace Lin