Classes visit the library once a week. At that time students can check out either one (kinder) or two (older grades) books. 
  • Students are responsible for handling library books with care. Please keep books in a safe place away from pets, food, liquids, toddlers, etc.
  • If a book is damaged, please let me know so I can attempt to repair the item. Do not try to fix the book yourself.
  • Books are checked out for one week and then returned. A book may be renewed if the student is not finished reading the book, unless another student is requesting the book.
  • If a student has overdue item(s), the student will not be able to borrow other items until the overdue book(s) is/are returned.
  • If a book is lost or damaged, payment towards a replacement will be requested from the parents/guardians. Re-placement charges for new books are the full purchase price. Charges for books older than one year are $10-15 for hardcover books; $5 for paperback books; $50 for playaways.